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Hey guys, My name is Mohamad Nabil Che Kholid, and i am an independent business person. As of now, I’m working at Exact Security Services and i’ve my own business which is nabil ck enterprise and situated in Ampang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

nabilI moved on from University of Selangor, majoring in Business Management from year 2008 until 2012. What is my leisure activity or interest ? I don’t have any distraction to be correct really. However, when i was in school in those days, i jump at the chance to play sports illustration badminton, football, sepak takraw, futsal, and numerous all the more yet the most game that i played is badminton clearly. In the event that there is an opposition on badminton, i would be the primary the one to take an interest.

From terms of training, i would say that i’m not that great in scholarly. My most loved subject is english dialect contrasted with arithmetic and science.

I’m neither a decent understudy or awful understudy. I’m in the center. That is more sheltered to say right.

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As i specified before, at present i’m working at Exact Security Services, this organization had been hand around my dad to me. I officially working here for a long time. We concentrating on supplying labor or security watchman to government area and private part.

Adjacent to doing security benefits, my own aptitude and information is in regards to computerized promoting. I have learnt about computerized advertising when i’m surfing the web. From building a site, site improvement, pay per click and facebook promotions. These expertise is the best to market. It’s another ability that we as a whole ought to learn. Why ? Since, these ability we could never learn in school or in the college.

For as long as 2 years, Nabil have been going to a ton’s of talk and discourse. I learnt that we as a whole need to go or go to if there’s any discourse or talks occasions. The good thing when we partake in the occasions is that we can meet new individuals, offer data, get new information, and gain from the specialists.

For the individuals who need to succeed in their life, here a tips for you. No 1, dependably be certainty regardless. On the off chance that you have certainty, you can do what you need and yearning. No 2, invested energy perusing or surfing the web for inward development or self-awareness. Get more information and ability so it can be use later on. No 3, dependably wake up ahead of schedule, why ? Have you heard this expression, just most eager individuals get first dibs on the best opportunities. This to ensure you are not quite the same as the others. No 4, never surrender or surrender. When you continually accomplishing something of some stuff, you may wind up got to be exhausting of it or languid doing it. This propensity need to stop. When you are getting exhausted, you have to discover new thing or new aptitude to enhance it. Perhaps make it quicker this time or is there any expertise that can make it worth.

Before end my discourse, i might want to thanks every one of you for listening and dependably be certainty and don’t be reluctant to learn new things in life. Be somebody who not the same as others and dependably be consistent with yourself.